April 2023

URM Transitions to ISO 27001:2022

Having been certified to ISO 27001 since 2005, when the world’s foremost information security management standard was originally published, URM became one of the UK’s first organisations to transition to the latest version of the Standard (2022) in April 2023.  Lisa Dargan, Director, at URM comments “ISO 27001 has always been absolutely central to the consultancy, training services and products we offer, and we were delighted to be one of the first to transition to the 2022 version. Our experiences are proving invaluable too in helping to advise and guide others achieve a seamless transition.” Lisa adds “URM’s successful transition was testament to our approach in implementing and maintaining ISO 27001 and was also a great endorsement for our risk management software, Abriska.  The software tool is fully compatible with the new Standard, is populated with all the 2022 controls and offers a variety of transition options.”

What Role does Penetration Testing Play in Preventing Unauthorised Access?

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21 Sep

The consequences of unauthorised access are varied. Apart from financial losses, there is a loss of customer confidence. Can penetration testing prevent this?

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Information Security
Three Tips to Help you Simplify your Risk Management Process

A key role of risk management is helping organisations decide how limited resources can be most effectively used to address the most pressing business issues.

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Everything You Need to Know about DSARs

We are answering questions: what is a GDPR DSAR, what information can a data subject request, what should you do when you receive a DSAR, and many more.

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Data Protection
Analysis of Fines Imposed by the Information Commissioner’s Office in 2022

When looking to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), it is always a worthwhile exercise....

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URM's diligence during these audits has resulted in the business as a whole pulling together to collectively ensure that we up to par with the requirements. While our working relationship with URM’s consultant is fantastic, we are held to account for every bullet point of every requirement on every audit, which is precisely what we expect. The consultant’s efforts in ensuring that our PCI compliance is audited correctly is highly appreciated, as it gives the company an accreditation that we can be proud of and that we can show off to existing and prospective customers as proof of our security posture. A huge thank you to URM for providing such a valuable service.
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