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BCS Foundation Certificate in Data Protection (CDP)

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April 2024
April 2024

The course provides a sound grounding and practical interpretation of the key elements of UK data protection law, including the UK GDPR

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What is the BCS Foundation Certificate in Data Protection (CDP)?

Our BCS Foundation Certificate in Data Protection training course is aimed at providing you with a sound grounding and practical interpretation of the key elements of UK data protection law, including the UK GDPR and the UK Data Protection Act 2018.

By attending this course, you will gain valuable insights into :

  • Legal Background and Positioning
  • Principles and Terminology
  • Rights of the Data Subject
  • Privacy and EC Directive Regulations
  • Data Controller and Processor Obligations
  • Enforcement, including Powers of the ICO
  • Codes of Conduct and Best Practice Standards, including ICO Guidelines on Privacy Notices, Subject Access Requests, CCTV and DPIAs

The course fully prepares you to pass the 60 minute BCS invigilated examination.

The exam consists of 40 multi-choice questions with the pass mark being set at 26 (65%).

What are the Prerequisites for Attending?

Some basic knowledge of data protection law and key principles and terminology would be beneficial in order to fully benefit from the training.

What is the Format of URM’s CDP Course?

URM delivers the CDP Course as both a public schedule and ‘closed’ training course for specific organisations. If you attend our public schedule courses, these are either classroom, face-to-face courses or on-line, instructor-led courses.

URM’s CDP course leans heavily on discussions, exercises and real-life scenarios which are designed to help interpret some of the more challenging concepts and help you apply them back in your work environment.

The course is also designed to encourage debate and the sharing of knowledge and experience.

Exercises take place during the training and you will have the opportunity to sit mock exams each day to ensure you are well prepared to take and pass the BCS administered 1-hour exam.

On-line Instructor-led Training

The on-line, instructor-led courses are delivered across 4 mornings (9 am-approx 12:45). URM has opted to deliver the course across mornings only, as it is an intense course and full days via MS Teams can be challenging for delegates.

As such, it will enable you to review material or return to work in the afternoon.

You will also be provided with some homework e.g. a mock exam, review of topics covered that morning, an exercise, and will have the opportunity to review homework/mock questions, and raise any questions, the following morning.

Classroom Training

If you attend our public schedule courses, these are typically residential and held at purpose-designed training venues.

The training is across 3 days and typically runs from 9 am to 5 pm, although you will have numerous opportunities to raise queries with URM’s trainer outside of these hours.

You may wish to use the evenings to review some of the comprehensive courseware notes and practice answering mock exam papers.


Delegates can take the exam via the BCS remote proctor platform, Questionmark at their chosen date and time.

Why Train With URM?

  • We believe that the key differentiator between URM and other CDP courses is the calibre of our trainers.
  • You will benefit from the fact that all URM’s trainers are practising data protection consultants, who are highly experienced and proficient in conducting DPIAs and dealing with subject access requests and data breach management.
  • As such, they are able to translate best practice theory into ‘real world’ practical applications. URM’s trainers all adopt a facilitative approach, where the goal is to maximise knowledge and skills sharing across the whole group.
  • Should you require clarification on any aspect of the course and the end of the course examination, URM’s trainer will be available at breaks and at the end of the training day to assist you.
  • (URM’s trainers stay on-site during the course). The trainer will provide tips throughout the week on taking the multi-choice examination.

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Two-way interaction really developed the course material.
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