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URM’s team of cyber advisors can both support and assess your Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus application.
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Cyber Advisor

Launched in April 2023, the NCSC’s Cyber Advisor scheme aims to provide small and medium sized organisations with reliable security advice and practical support by directing them towards trusted service providers.

As an Assured Service Provider under the Cyber Advisor scheme with years of experience providing certification to the Cyber Essentials scheme, URM’s Cyber Advisors (Cyber Essentials) can offer Cyber Essentials guidance which is informed by experience and aligned with the NCSC’s high standards.  You do not need to be aiming for Cyber Essentials certification to take advantage of our Cyber Advisors’ expertise.  While they will specifically support and advise in line with the Cyber Essentials technical controls, our advisors can also help small organisations which don’t need to certify but are looking to gain an equivalent level of security.  

Our Cyber Advisors can offer you a range of advisory and support services to help you align your cyber security measures with the Cyber Essentials technical controls.  This includes gap analysis to assess your existing internet-facing IT against the Cyber Essentials controls, providing a report on your current status.   We can also work with you to agree and plan remediation activities that align with your organisation’s risk and priorities.  Following this, we are able to assist with implementing remediation activities or guide your technical team to do so, always remaining aware of your organisation’s need to maintain operationality.  Once the implementation process is complete, we can develop and present post-engagement reports which describe the remediation work undertaken, as well as any residual risk and recommendations for reducing those risks.

URM is also an Assured Service Provider under the National Cyber Security (NCSC) Cyber Incident Exercising (CIE) scheme which is administered by IASME.  Cyber incident exercising is vital to your organisation’s preparedness as it simulates real-world cyber threats, allowing you to assess, practice and improve your response capabilities.  As an Assured Service Provider assured URM is ideally and uniquely placed to assist you create and facilitate bespoke and structured table top and live play cyber incident exercises.

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Why URM?

URM has years of experience both facilitating Cyber Essentials certifications as an accredited certification body, and in supporting organisations to prepare for assessment. Our large team of Cyber Advisors have all passed an independent assessment, measuring their understanding of Cyber Essentials technical controls, competence in providing practical support, and ability to assist small and medium-sized organisations.  With our emphasis on a bespoke approach, the advice you receive from us will be tailored to your organisation and the unique challenges it faces.  

Alongside our Cyber Advisor capabilities, URM can offer various CREST-accredited cyber security testing services, including vulnerability scanning, social engineering testing, and infrastructure and network penetration testing, to name a few.  As such, you can be certain that the advice and support you receive from us is validated by extensive experience and a wealth of knowledge on best practice cyber and information security.

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I am pleased to share my experience with the Cyber Essentials Plus (CE+) Scheme. This certification has been invaluable to Case Pilots in helping us protect ourselves from cyber threats. The comprehensive and user-friendly process provided by URM Consulting gave me a deep understanding of the latest threats, vulnerabilities and best practices in cyber security. The assessors were highly knowledgeable, experienced and able to explain each step of the process clearly and concisely. What I particularly appreciated about the CE+ scheme was its relevance to the real world. The training covered not only the fundamental principles, but also advanced techniques and strategies that are used by professionals to protect their systems and data. Achieving the certification demonstrates to our clients that we are committed to cyber security and that we have the knowledge and skills to protect their data. I highly recommend the Cyber Essentials Plus Scheme to any organisation that is serious about cyber security.
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