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URM is pleased to provide a FREE 30 minute consultation on Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) for any UK-based organisation. Once an enquiry form has been submitted, we will be in touch to understand the nature of your enquiry and to book a mutually convenient time for a 30-minute consultation slot with one of URM’s specialists.


Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) Redaction Service

If you’re looking for support in dealing with DSAR redaction URM's knowledgeable and experienced Team is able to apply the appropriate redactions to any documents supplied.

Data Subject Access Request (DSAR) Redaction Service

One of the areas which organisations often struggle with when dealing with DSAR redaction is understanding what legal exemptions are available and, more importantly, can be applied.  Deciding on which elements of a document need to be redacted and where exemptions can be applied is a timely process and one which requires a skilled interpretation of the UK GDPR.

URM can provide such skills through its knowledgeable and experienced Team and is able to apply the appropriate redactions to any documents supplied.  It should be noted that URM delivers a human, rather than an electronic solution, which is strongly believed to be more effective and appropriate.  As guided by the ICO, it’s essential to understand the context of a DSAR and this can only really be achieved where the raw material is read by a human eye.  Following the redaction service, URM is able to package the DSAR together for disclosure.  Furthermore, if required, URM is able to act as your representative with the UK regulator where a DSAR is contested.

URM also delivers a 1 day ‘How to Manage DSARs’ training course which provides clear and practical instruction and guidance on dealing with all aspects of a data subject access request (DSAR).  By attending the course, delegates will learn, amongst other things, how to recognise a DSAR and determine whether its valid or not, how to verify the identity of a data subject, how to deal with exemptions and excessive requests, and how to respond to data subject and complete a DSAR.

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Why URM?


URM’s DP and GDPR consultants have extensive ‘real world’ experience as both practitioners and subject matter experts working at a senior level within business and in their data protection consulting roles advising organisations on best practice.  With a 17-year track record assisting organisations to comply with legislation such as the Data Protection Act, the GDPR and local country-specific legislation, URM has earned a reputation for adopting a pragmatic and business appropriate approach.


A key differentiator between URM and other data protection service providers is our flexible service offerings.  Our virtual DPO service can be customised to your precise requirements, in terms of the type of support you require and the frequency of site days (remote or on site) etc. Equally, with our remediation support, URM can assist you address any gaps identified and achieve full GDPR compliance. We can also help you maintain that compliance with GDPR auditing services.


URM prides itself on its knowledge transfer philosophy and training expertise which helps to ensure that you not only understand what the principles and requirements of the GDPR are but how to best meet them.

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We cannot thank URM enough for their help in ensuring our business is GDPR compliant. Both the gap analysis conducted and the in-depth assistance with the ROPA were made much easier and understandable with URM’s help. I would like to give particular thanks to URM's Consultant for providing us with the best guidance and making a famously complex topic comprehensive, and to our Account Manager for helping make sure all our needs were covered.
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