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Data Protection Impact Assessments

Pragmatic and tailored approach to GDPR compliance

Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)

A data protection impact assessment (DPIA) is a process to help you identify and minimise risks associated with processing personal data.  For many years, conducting DPIAs has long been considered a best practice activity, but has taken on greater significance with the GDPR where they are mandatory for any processing that is likely to result in a high risk to individuals.  Conducting DPIAs will also reduce the probability of data loss or breaching data subject rights and freedoms.  An effective DPIA can also bring broader compliance, financial and reputational benefits, helping you demonstrate accountability and building trust and engagement with individuals and should become standard practice in every organisation.  URM’s DP consultants are able to advise you on where you should be conducting DPIAs but, more importantly, how to conduct them and what the outputs should be, e.g., identifying and assessing risks to individuals taking into account both likelihood and severity of any risk, as well as identifying any additional measures to mitigate those risks.  URM’s team can also provide a review service to ensure you take the right actions.

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Why URM?

Track record

URM’s DP and GDPR consultants have extensive ‘real world’ experience as both practitioners and subject matter experts working at a senior level within business and in their data protection consulting roles advising organisations on best practice.  With a 17-year track record assisting organisations to comply with legislation such as the Data Protection Act, the GDPR and local country-specific legislation, URM has earned a reputation for adopting a pragmatic and business appropriate approach.

Flexible service offerings

A key differentiator between URM and other data protection service providers is our flexible service offerings.  Our virtual DPO service can be customised to your precise requirements, in terms of the type of support you require and the frequency of site days (remote or on site) etc. Equally, with our remediation support, URM can assist you address any gaps identified and achieve full GDPR compliance. We can also help you maintain that compliance with GDPR auditing services.

Knowledge transfer

URM prides itself on its knowledge transfer philosophy and training expertise which helps to ensure that you not only understand what the principles and requirements of the GDPR are but how to best meet them.

Information Security FAQ

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