Vulnerability scanning is the process where operating systems, databases and other applications, in addition to network infrastructure, are assessed and scanned for the presence of known vulnerabilities and insecure configurations which could lead to a breach if exploited.  Vulnerability scans are typically automated and provide an invaluable first step in assessing vulnerabilities which could potentially be exploited.

URM can conduct regular vulnerability assessments of your organisation's external and internal infrastructure and applications and identify missing patches, common misconfigurations and vulnerabilities which may leave the organisation exposed.  Combining automated scans with manual verification by expert consultants, our Team can assess the full extent of your organisation’s vulnerabilities and provide you with an actionable report which prioritises remediation efforts and removes false positives.

ASV Scanning

The Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV) process has become largely automated and there are a range of software tools that can complete the necessary checks.  As a CREST-accredited penetration testing organisation and also a PCI approved QSA organisation, URM is ideally placed to assist with tool selection, scheduling of tests and interpretation of results.

Why URM?

Our Team of experienced testers sits behind every vulnerability scan performed by URM.  As such, using information about the assets being assessed and their context, the Team is able to manually verify the scan results, eliminate false positive and reassess the risk level of vulnerabilities to help you effectively prioritise your remediation efforts.

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Having never gone through the Cyber Essentials Plus process on behalf of a client I was very impressed with how the process went on testing day and I cant wait to take other clients through the process with URM.
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