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PCI DSS Penetration Testing

Pragmatic and tailored approach to PCI DSS compliance

PCI DSS Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning

Key requirements of the PCI DSS include the need to undertake both vulnerability scanning and penetration testing in order to assess the network infrastructure and applications.  The PCI DSS requires organisations to conduct a vulnerability scan of all external IPs and domains in scope at least once every 90 days.  URM can conduct the required 2 vulnerability scans, one external to your network and one within your network, behind your various perimeter security devices.  

As a CREST-accredited organisation, URM can also conduct penetration tests, where our Team of testers will not only analyse your network environment and identify potential vulnerabilities, but try to exploit those vulnerabilities.  Under PCI DSS Requirement 11.3, (applicable to ROCs, SAQ C and SAQ D), URM can conduct internal and external penetration testing of both the network and application layers of the CDE, as well as any required segmentation testing.  For more information on our penetration testing capabilities, follow the link below.

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Why URM?

Track record and experience

URM has a team of expert consultants across multiple security disciplines who are all highly experienced in assisting organisations in gaining PCI DSS compliance. Our consultants have worked with hundreds of different companies across a wide range of industries, including local government, entertainment, retail, hospitality, IT services, charities, and many more. They also have experience of working with companies of various sizes ranging from self-employed individuals to multi-national corporations.  So, whatever your PCI DSS needs are, URM will be able to provide a QSA who understands your organisation and can offer the best advice and guidance to help you achieve compliance.

Pragmatic Approach

All of URMs QSAs pride themselves on their pragmatic approach to both compliance and assessments and will work with you to find the most appropriate and sensible way for you to meet the requirements of the PCI DSS.

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PCI DSS v4.0: Targeted Risk Analysis

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URM’s blog explains the wording changes in Requirement of the PCI DSS v4.0, offering advice on how organisations can select and use the most appropriate NSCs.

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Common Questions When Preparing to Transition to PCI DSS v4.0

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URM's diligence during these audits has resulted in the business as a whole pulling together to collectively ensure that we up to par with the requirements. While our working relationship with URM’s consultant is fantastic, we are held to account for every bullet point of every requirement on every audit, which is precisely what we expect. The consultant’s efforts in ensuring that our PCI compliance is audited correctly is highly appreciated, as it gives the company an accreditation that we can be proud of and that we can show off to existing and prospective customers as proof of our security posture. A huge thank you to URM for providing such a valuable service.
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