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How to Report on and Follow Up ISO 27001 Audits - Webinar

3 pm, Wednesday 14 September 2022

Why attend this seminar:

As one of the UK’s most experienced ISO 27001 consulting and auditing organisations, URM has been delivering a series of webinars where it has been addressing all the key components of a successful internal auditing programme. In the last of the series, URM will provide advice and guidance on closing your internal ISO 27001 audits and how to report your findings, e.g., how to identify major and minor nonconformities, opportunities for improvement and observations.

Webinar Agenda

  • Classification of findings
    • Where and when to report major and minor nonconformities, opportunities for improvement and observations
    • Examples of different types of findings
  • Closing an audit meeting
    • What to include (and not) in your wrap up with auditees
    • Presenting to senior management
  • Reporting of findings
    • What reports should include
    • What evidence is required
  • Following up audit findings
    • How to maximise opportunities for improvement
    • Corrective actions and conducting root cause analyses
  • Sep14

    ISO 27001 Webinar

    Sep 14, 2022, Online

    In this webinar, URM will provide you with a practical and comprehensive overview of all the essential activities and tasks you will need to carry out in order to have an effective ISO 27001 auditing function and programme.