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Preparing for and Conducting Internal ISO 27001 Audits - webinar

3 pm, Wednesday 6 July 2022

Topics to be addressed will include:

  • Preparing for audits (inc)
    • Determining skills and competences required of the auditor
    • Gaining management commitment
    • Defining objectives, scope and criteria
  • Conducting audits (inc)
    • Conducting opening meeting
    • Collecting evidence and interview techniques
    • Keeping the auditee informed

Maximising the Benefits from your Penetration Tests - webinar

11 am, Wednesday 13 July 2022

Why attend this seminar:

Learn how to maximise the benefits and minimise the drawbacks of conducting penetration (pen) tests, including:

  • Determining the purpose and scope for your pen test
  • Preparing for your pen test
  • Engaging with your pen test provider and internal team
  • Getting maximum value once your pen test has been completed.

  • Jul13

    Cyber Security Testing Webinar

    Jul 13, 2022, Online Webinar

  • Jul6

    ISO 27001 Webinar

    Jul 06, 2022, Online Webinar

    In this webinar, URM will provide you with a practical and comprehensive overview of all the essential activities and tasks you will need to carry out in order to have an effective ISO 27001 auditing function and programme.