Abriska Supplier Risk Management


Managing Information Security Risks Posed by Suppliers

Suppliers pose a significant risk to your organisation’s information security posture.  If suppliers which have access to your sensitive information and systems do not have adequate security controls and practices in place, they could accidentally or deliberately expose your information to unauthorised parties.  And let’s be clear here, adequate is based on your risk appetite, not what they deem to be sufficient.  Additionally, if your suppliers’ systems are compromised, it could lead to your systems and information being compromised.

The Need for Supplier Due Diligence

As such, it is essential to thoroughly assess the information security risks attached to your various suppliers and to implement adequate security measures to mitigate the associated risks.  You need to decide, based on the information a supplier has access to, what controls you expect them to have in place.  Managing information security risks from suppliers and the supply chain can be a complex task, but there are a number of actions you can take in mitigating any risks.  One of the most important activities is conducting due diligence on suppliers and assessing their security controls and practices, and reviewing their compliance with relevant legislation and regulations.  

Automating and Streamlining the Due Diligence Process

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how Abriska 27036, URM’s risk management tool, with its adoption of international standards and automation technology, can streamline the due-diligence process and robustly identify your high-risk suppliers for further action.

Attend this 1-hour webinar and learn how the Abriska tool:

  • Conducts supplier due diligence and plays a pivotal role in the supplier risk management process
  • Automates and centralises the process for conducting supplier risk assessments
  • Enables tailored questionnaire assessments to be conducted with more in-depth assessments of critical suppliers including the weighting of certain questions
  • Reduces the administrative overhead in sending out questionnaires and managing responses
  • Enables responses to be analysed more effectively and integrated with risk management activities, including identifying and managing risk treatment actions
  • Enables you to conform with the requirements of ISO 27001.

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