What are the main types of penetration testing?
How do I decide what to test?
How do I decide which type of penetration tests to conduct?
What’s the difference between venerability scanning
and penetration testing?
Do I need both a vulnerability scan and penetration test?
What are the differences between external
and internal penetration tests?
What tools are used for penetration testing?
What skills are needed for penetration testing?
Why do you need security penetration testing?
What are the benefits of conducting penetration tests?
What is the cost of penetration testing?
How long does penetration testing take?
How often should you conduct penetration tests?
Are there any risks involved in conducting penetration tests?
What safeguards should you consider before
performing a penetration test?
What should I do to prepare for a penetration test?
What should I do during a test?
What should I do following a test?
What should you look for when appointing a pen tester?

Cyber Essentials Scheme being Updated on 24 April 2023

Latest update:
17 Feb

On 23 January 2023, NCSC published an updated set of requirements, v.3.1 for the Cyber Essentials scheme....

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Social Engineering
Guide to Phishing and How to Recognise a Phishing Attempt

We are hearing a lot about phishing and phishing attacks currently so, in this blog, we will take a step back....

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This was a great exercise for the business to go through as some gaps were found and URM provided valuable information on remediation.
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