Half-Day GDPR Health Check Service

Following URM’s webinar on ‘GDPR Back to Basics', URM is offering a half day GDPR health check service. The objective of the Health Check is to assess at a high level your overall compliance with the Regulation or conduct a more detailed assessment on particular aspects and provide recommendations on improving your practices.

With the health check, you have total flexibility in the focus of the review. You could use it as a holistic health check of your overall approach to GDPR compliance or you can drill down into a particular aspect such as reviewing:

  • Your record of processing activities (ROPA)
  • Your privacy notice and a few of your policies  (e.g., data protection, data breach, data retention)

Following the health check, you will be provided with an email summary including all key findings and recommendations.

Cost £450 ex. VAT

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We cannot thank URM enough for their help in ensuring our business is GDPR compliant. Both the gap analysis conducted and the in-depth assistance with the ROPA were made much easier and understandable with URM’s help. I would like to give particular thanks to URM's Consultant for providing us with the best guidance and making a famously complex topic comprehensive, and to our Account Manager for helping make sure all our needs were covered.