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URM is offering a FREE cyber security compliance review service.  The objective of the review is to assess, at a high level, your organisation's existing cyber security posture, and identify the most effective actions your organisation can take to better protect itself against cyber threats.  This may involve identifying the cyber security frameworks, standards and schemes (such as the Cyber Essentials scheme) that would best enhance your organisation’s protection against cyber threats, or providing more general recommendations on improving your cyber security practices.

We offer total flexibility in the focus of this review; you could use it as a holistic assessment of your overall approach to cyber security and how it could be refined, or drill down into a particular aspect of your organisation’s security.

Ahead of the review call, a URM team member will contact you to understand more about your organisation, its current position, and what you want to get from the cyber security compliance review to ensure the appropriate expert is available for the call.  The review is expected to last up to an hour.

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One of the great things about Cyber Essentials is that it is a targetable standard, so you always know exactly where you are.
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