External Infrastructure Pen Test

May 2024 Promotion

For any external infrastructure penetration test booked before the end of May 2024, URM will provide free quarterly external vulnerability scans (4 scans within 1 year) following the penetration test.  The quarterly vulnerability scans will allow your organisation to more frequently assess the security of your external infrastructure in a more cost effective way than a full penetration test.  They will also allow you to more quickly identify any changes in the security posture of your external infrastructure (compared to yearly pen tests).

The report of each vulnerability scan will include the technical vulnerabilities identified and highlight any changes from the previous scan.

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Why URM?

As a CREST-accredited organisation, URM is able to provide reassurances that all the policies, processes and procedures which underpin its cyber security penetration testing have been independently assessed and deemed to be fit for purpose.  Furthermore, accreditation to the CREST OVS programme reflects URM’s commitment to employing highly skilled individuals who are able to deliver Level 1 and Level 2 ASVS and MASVS assessments for web and mobile applications.  With its CREST penetration testing URM is able to support you through the whole penetration testing process, providing support during all the phases of the project.

Terms and conditions of offer

  • The scoped external penetration test must involve at least 2 days of effort
  • The 4 quarterly scans will be performed within the year following the penetration test  and no scans can be carried over to the next year.
  • The vulnerability scans must be carried out against the same number of IPs as the external penetration test purchased, i.e., they don’t need to be the same IPs, as these can be dynamic and change, but must be the same number of IPs


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This was a great exercise for the business to go through as some gaps were found and URM provided valuable information on remediation.