Data Protection in the UK Webinar. Special Offer

Following URM’s webinar 'Data Protection in the UK: What Next?', URM is offering

Half-day 1:1 consultation session with GDPR expert (£495 ex. VAT)
Half-day accountability workshop + report (£895 ex. VAT)
One-day accountability audit + report (£1750 ex. VAT)
With  services on offer, you have total flexibility in the focus of the review. You could use it as a holistic health check of your overall approach to the GDPR compliance or you can drill down into a particular aspect.

Following a half-day accountability workshop and a one-day accountability audit you will be provided with an email summary including all key findings and recommendations.

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The trainer was great, came across as energetic and positive (which helps, especially when undertaking an online learning course). The content was great and provided real life examples which was useful as it helped to apply the learning.
How to Manage Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) Course