3-day ISO 27001 Gap Analysis

ISO 27001 Implementation and Certification Webinar offer

Following URM’s webinar 'ISO 27001 Implementation and Certification', URM is offering a special price for a 3-day ISO 27001 Gap Analysis service.
Special price £2750 ex VAT

With our ISO 27001 gap analysis, URM will assess both your existing information security framework or management system and your information security controls.   With regard to the former, our ISO 27001 consultants will review both your documentation and your working practices in order to identify what gaps exist in relation to the requirements contained in the mandatory clauses (4-10) of ISO 27001.  Similarly, with regard to the information security controls or measures, we will identify what gaps exist in relation to the controls of Annex A of the Standard.

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This was a good webinar, thank you. Having it as a webinar rather than face to face worked really well and much more convenient with the new standards for travel and cost being put in place etc. The information was useful and well paced. Would be great to get a copy of the slide deck sent out as well. I missed the first minute or so but it would of been good to see an image of who was presenting as well. And you answered my question as well. Thanks
Webinar 'How to Achieve ISO 27001 Certification'