What does data protection mean?
What are the 7 principles of the
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)?
What are examples of measures which your organisation
can use to protect personal data?
What are 4 key components of the GDPR?
What are the basics of data protection from
an organisational perspective?
Why are the data protection principles important?
What are the 8 data subject rights of GDPR?
How many data protection laws are there in the UK?
Is the UK still covered by the GDPR?
Is the GDPR being scrapped in UK?
Does the UK GDPR only apply to UK citizens?
What are the differences between the UK GDPR
and EU GDPR?
What is the UK-GDPR?
What is a privacy notice?
What is a ROPA?
Why is a ROPA Important?
What is a data protection impact assessment (DPIA)?
Why do you need to conduct a data protection
impact assessment (DPIA)?
What is data protection by design?
How do you achieve GDPR compliance?
What data protection policies are required and why?
What do I need to do when sending personal data
outside of the UK?

Who Needs a ROPA and Why?

Latest update:
3 May

Under the UK GDPR, the majority of organisations processing personal data are required to create and maintain a ROPAs

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Data Protection
How to Create a Record of Processing Activities (ROPA)

In this blog, we will outline a step-by-step procedure on how you can create a ROPA.

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Data Protection
How to Respond to a Data Subject Access Request (DSAR)

Let’s face it, there is nothing straightforward or simple about responding to a data subject access request (DSAR).

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Data Protection
Data Subject Access Requests (DSARs) Services

One of the fundamental rights of an individual (data subject), under the UK GDPR is to be able to access and receive a copy of their personal information.

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We used URM as we had a large amount of information to redact for a Court of Protection case and neither had the time nor the knowledge to be able to complete this appropriately. URM were suggested to us and we made contact. They responded very quickly and were able to explain their role, estimated timescales & costings. During the initial consultation, they were very professional and approachable, and certainly had the skills we required. URM’s consultant provided us with details of the work they had completed before & we felt confident to pursue the work with them. We were on a tight deadline for court and URM were confident that they could provide the services we required in a timely manner. The logistics of sending a large amount of confidential documents were easy to navigate and straightforward. We were unable to very accurately gauge how much work was required, however URM’s Team supported us with this and maintained regular contact regarding their progress and addressed any concerns they had. When we needed to contact them, they were prompt with their responses. The work did take longer that envisaged, however that was due to the amount of work that we, as clients, were unable to accurately identify would be required. We did, however, meet the deadline for court. I would certainly use the services of URM again & if possible would work with same team. The services are not cheap, however redacting sensitive information is a skilled task and, therefore, having a professional complete this work is priceless.
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