PCI DSS Remediation and Implementation

4 Aug

What is PCI DSS Remediation?

PCI remediation is an essential activity for any organisation wishing to fully comply with the applicable 12 technical and operational control requirements of the PCI DSS.

Whilst many PCI remediation projects start with a gap analysis, URM believes that a scoping exercise is a more logical and ultimately cost-effective starting point.

A gap analysis will naturally point out any gaps between the organisation’s capabilities and the Standard’s requirements.

However, this may lead you to unnecessarily remediating gaps as a scoping exercise may help to identify processes or parts of the organisation that can be removed from the cardholder data environment (CDE).

Once the optimum CDE scope has been identified, the organisation can then start to develop a PCI compliance project plan.

How Can URM Help You Develop Your PCI Remediation Plan?

URM can provide valuable input to your PCI remediation plan on how to deal with any gaps in a cost-effective and pragmatic way that reduces risk as well as fully meeting the applicable requirements of the PCI DSS.

URM typically advises on a range of corporate remediation activities including which technical security remediation solutions need to be implemented, altering business processes, developing and documenting applicable policies and processes, developing training and awareness programmes and, where appropriate, outsourcing controls and processes.

Specific areas that URM can assist with include:

  • Advising whether current processes or technology solutionscan be adapted to adequately meet the requirements of thePCI DSS.
  • Working with you and your acquiring bank, to provide thenecessary assurances that your PCI remediation plan measures have beenidentified and are being implemented to meet the necessaryrequirements of the Standard.
  • Providing impartial advice to help you achieve the optimum PCI remediation and meet the requirements of the PCI DSS, whilst also satisfying your business’ mission and objectives in a manner that is consistent with your cultureand modus operandi.
  • Providing guidance on meeting the Standard’s requirements on a‘business as usual’ basis and continuously gathering evidence sothat it can easily presented to ease the annual PCI compliance burden.

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Are you looking for a PCI QSA?

As a long-established PCI QSA, URM is able to deliver a full PCI QSA-led audit and produce a report on compliance (RoC) as well as deliver a full QSA-led self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ)
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URM's diligence during these audits has resulted in the business as a whole pulling together to collectively ensure that we up to par with the requirements. While our working relationship with URM’s consultant is fantastic, we are held to account for every bullet point of every requirement on every audit, which is precisely what we expect. The consultant’s efforts in ensuring that our PCI compliance is audited correctly is highly appreciated, as it gives the company an accreditation that we can be proud of and that we can show off to existing and prospective customers as proof of our security posture. A huge thank you to URM for providing such a valuable service.
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