What is Penetration Testing?

Penetration testing, or pen testing as it is often referred to, involves an authorised individual adopting the role of a hacker and attempting to compromise or gain access to a network or an application. The objective is to evaluate and assess an organisation’s security posture and identify, analyse and exploit any vulnerabilities or misconfigurations that present a security risk.
A penetration test is able to evaluate the impact that a vulnerability or a set of vulnerabilities might have on the organisation and to highlight how even non-critical issues can be chained together to cause greater impact. By identifying any risks, they can be treated before they are targeted by malicious hackers.

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Penetration Testing


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Moving from our existing Pen Testers after 10 years was a difficult decision but I am really glad we did. It's been a pleasure working with you. The Pen Testing was extremely thorough and as hoped you were open to a collaborative deeper delve, far beyond what we were required to do for PCI DSS, which has been very useful.
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