What does ABT NEWS LTD do?

We offer expert Digital Marketing and AI consulting to help businesses and organisations reduce costs, improve their services, sell more, increase safety and make operations run seamlessly with agility. We can bring you news on the latest AI innovations and advancements.

Our Services

Whether you are an established business, looking to expand to new markets or understand your current clients better, an entrepreneur with great hopes and aspirations for a new business, an educational institution finding new ways to improve your education or a charity trying to make a difference in the world, ABT NEWS can help you reach your goals.

Our services include:

  1. Digital Marketing aimed at creating vital awareness, market consolidation and conversion of customers.
  2. Using Artificial Intelligence to reduce organisational costs, improve customer experiences and create new offerings for your current clients or new markets.

Digital Marketing

ABT NEWS has decades of Marketing experience and can provide your organisation with these skills, including Marketing Strategy Development, Digital Marketing, Media Planning and Buying, Measurement, Market Conversion and Reporting.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is a powerful tool that can help companies, schools, universities, and charities improve their operations and deliver better services. AI can be used to automate tasks, personalise learning, conduct research, save money and raise money.

Current Clients and Partners

URM Consulting: Risk Specialists, Infosec, Business Continuity.
DeepBrain AI: Make Own Video with AI Video Generator.
Ethiopian Airlines: The New Spirit of Africa.
DIYVA: Do It Yourself Voice Assistant, a chatbot you can talk to, AMA (Ask me anything).
LimeWire: AI art generation and sharing on the blockchain.
IATAfrica: Your Global Business Facilitator and Accelerator.
PAGO: Payment processing using blockchain
Build Intellect Ltd: AI Consultancy.

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