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URM is the industry-leading supplier of cyber security, compliance and IT governance solutions for organisations of all sizes. Our experience and product range can help our customers deliver their projects on time, on budget and to the highest possible standard.

URM is highly experienced in assisting organisations comply, or certify, with the ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 Standards (having assisted over 200 organisations achieve and maintain these Standards).

We have used our expertise and created a series of informative and downloadable files to help organisations understand the challenges they face and how to deliver solutions that help protect them from the latest cyber threats, comply with legal and industry regulations and thrive in a competitive marketplace.

About URM

Information Security

10 Top Tips For Working Securely From Home

CISMP – 13 Frequent Questions Answered

ISO 27001 – Most Frequently Asked Questions


Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials Scheme – The 5 Key Controls

Phishing Awareness

What to Look Out For in a Phishing Email

Data Protection & GDPR

How to ensure data protection compliance as you return to the workplace

Most Frequently Asked Questions about the GDPR and Data Protection

Business Continuity – ISO 22301

A 4 stage Approach To Determining A Business Continuity Strategy

Risk Management

Information Risk Management Training – PCIRM FAQs