Cyber Essentials Scheme – The 5 Key Controls

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So How Do I Combat the Threat of Cyber Attacks?

As part of the UK Government’s National Cyber Security Strategy, the experts at the National Cyber Security Centre have identified the 5 key areas that every organisation should focus on to help protect them from the most common forms of cyber attacks. These 5 areas form Cyber Essentials.

What is Cyber Essentials?

Cyber Essentials is your way of demonstrating that you are taking your cyber exposure seriously and adopting the key steps to mitigate your risk from the most common cyber threats. 

It is a self-assessment scheme with independently verified certification. Cyber Essentials specifies the 5 basic control areas that your organisation should address, in order to mitigate the risk from common cyber threats.

Cyber Essentials – The 5 Key Controls

What are the Cyber Essentials Controls?

Access control

Access control

Making sure that only those people who need access to specific information in your organisation have it and ensuring that this is monitored and checked regularly.

Secure Configuration

Secure Configuration

Choosing and applying the most secure settings for all of your devices and software by changing passwords and removing unused accounts and software.

Software Updates

Software Updates

Ensuring that your software and operating systems are regularly checked and updated with the latest patches to protect against vulnerabilities.

Malware Protection

Malware Protection

Reducing the likelihood of being infected by some form of malware including computer viruses, worms, spyware, botnet software and ransomware, by ensuring that you have correctly configured anti-malware software which only allows trusted applications.

Firewall and Routers

Firewall and Routers

Creating a ‘buffer zone’ to allow you to analyse traffic looking to gain access to your network to establish whether or not it should be allowed.

Why Should I Certify to the Cyber Essentials Scheme?

It provides a clear statement to your employees, your customers and the wider business world that, by adopting the only UK Government-backed scheme, you have implemented controls in 5 core areas to reduce your cyber risks.

It is a simple, but highly cost-effective, way to protect your business. An added bonus is that it entitles you to free cyber insurance cover up to the value of £25,000.

Why URM?

URM Consulting Services is an authorised certification body. We have assessed hundreds of clients and, with our unrivalled information security pedigree, are on hand to guide you through the process and provide you with any assistance you need.

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