Software Asset Management Foundation Course

What is it?

URM’s Software Asset Management Foundation (SAMF) course is closely aligned to the best practice methodologies of ITIL and ISO 19770 and is aimed at building your knowledge and competency in this rapidly growing professional sector.

By attending this course, you will acquire knowledge in the following areas:

  • The objectives and activities required to implement software asset management (SAM) within an organisation.
  • Key issues and strategies to address challenges.
  • An understanding of current licensing methodologies, licence programmes and the legal aspects of licence agreements and contracts.
  • SAM techniques and processes.
  • Measuring current maturity of SAM and identifying areas of improvement.
  • Understanding entitlement, including identification and interpretation.
  • Creating a risk register and developing risk assessments.
  • Managing your asset inventory.
  • Developing baseline compliance, maintaining compliance and compliance reporting.

The course fully prepares you to pass the 60-minute SAMF examination, which you can schedule at your own convenience through APMG’s online proctoring platform.

The exam consists of 40 multi-choice questions with the pass mark set at 26 (65%).

Full Course Outline

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Why Should you Attend?

SAM is critical to the success of any organisation. If your organisation has a comprehensive and efficient licence management programme in place, it will reduce your costs and help to ensure that you remain compliant.

This course will benefit anyone looking to gain a comprehensive understanding of all aspects of software asset management or anyone with legal or management responsibility for SAM, including licensing and compliance. URM has a 13-year track record delivering SAM training and all courses are led by some of the UK’s most experienced and respected practitioners.

What are the prerequisites for attending?

There are no entry requirements for attending this training course.

What is the Format of URM’s SAMF Course?

URM delivers the SAMF course as both a public schedule and as a ‘closed’ course for specific organisations. If you attend our public schedule instructor-led courses, these are either classroom, face-to-face courses or remotely-delivered, online courses.

URM’s SAMF course leans heavily on discussions, exercises and real-life scenarios which are designed to help convey and interpret some of the more challenging concepts and help you apply them back in your work environment.

Remotely Delivered, Online Courses

URM’s online SAMF course is delivered across 4 mornings; from 9 am to approximately 12:45.

Undertaking all day online training is challenging for both delegates and the trainer, and this half-day format provides delegates with the opportunity to be able to return to work in the afternoon and catch up with any revision/mock questions set as homework.

Classroom Training

If you attend a SAMF public classroom course, these are typically residential and held at purpose-designed training venues. The training is spread across 3 days and typically runs from 9 am to 5 pm, although you will have numerous opportunities to raise queries with URM’s trainer outside of these hours.

Approximately 1 hour of homework will be allocated on days 1 and 2; including mock exam questions or review of the day’s course material.

Why train with URM?

We believe that the key differentiator between URM’s and other providers’ courses is the quality of our training material and the calibre and background of our trainers. You will benefit from the fact that all URM’s trainers are practising SAM consultants, who are highly experienced and proficient in SAM and compliance auditing.

As such, they are able to translate best practice theory into ‘real world’ practical applications. URM’s trainers all adopt a facilitative approach, where the goal is to maximise knowledge and skills sharing across the whole group.

Should you require clarification on any aspect of the course, URM’s trainer will be happy to answer any questions during the training sessions or at the end of the session. With the classroom course, the trainer stays onsite for the duration of the course and is available outside of classroom hours.

The trainer will provide tips throughout the course on taking and passing the multi-choice examination.

Here are some comments from delegates that have previously attended URM’s SAM training:

The trainer provided so many real-life scenarios and gave in-depth and detailed guidance on real-life situations. I found it extremely refreshing.


Thank you for a useful, insightful, and clarifying course.


A brilliant course that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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