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  • How should you approach supply chain risk management?

    Supply Chain Risk Management In our blog on risk management challenges for 2019, we referred to the perennial risk attached to suppliers, as third parties continue to be a major source of incidents.  Linked to the Brexit issue, understanding the risks your suppliers face and the measures they are taking to mitigate those risks is […]

  • Brexit Risk: Why ‘wait and see’ is not a good option

    One of the greatest sources of uncertainty for many UK organisations today is Brexit. It has the potential to affect all aspects of an enterprise from human resources management, finance and supply chain through to marketing, IT and information management. To establish how organisations are approaching the challenge, URM conducted an online survey with its […]

  • Organisations’ reputations are at risk through poor supplier risk management

    ‘Supply Chain Cyber Resilience – Getting the Balance Right’ was the focus of URM’s webinar during last month’s Business Continuity Awareness Week. The session has proved to be very popular, with excellent feedback on the content. If you missed it you can still view the webinar ‘on demand’ here. The presentation sets out a straightforward […]