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Avoiding Email Data Security Breaches
Latest update:
6 Oct

For all of us, email can be both a blessing and a curse. On one hand you have the speed and convenience of communication, and on the other hand you have a significant information security risk...

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What is the Difference Between Personal Data and Sensitive Personal Data?
Latest update:
22 Jul

There is some confusion about the difference between personal data and sensitive personal data and even whether sensitive personal data exists as a term! So, let’s see if we can clarify the situation

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Cyber security has never been higher on our agenda. We’re very pleased to have gained our Cyber Essentials Plus Certification. We are committed to providing the most secure and robust solutions to our customers and partners. This certification helps to demonstrate this commitment – through independent vulnerability testing and to test the awareness of information security across our teams. We’re very pleased with the support and expertise provided by URM.
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