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Alurna - Online Awareness Training

Alurna is an online learning management solution (LMS) which has been developed by URM to deliver cost effective awareness training courses direct to an organisation’s end users.

Alurna allows an organisation to deliver a varied, creative and interactive learning experience to users irrespective of device, time or location. The LMS provides extensive management functionality and reporting facilities and includes an optional and comprehensive testing mechanism which can be used to benchmark the progress and level of understanding of the registered users.

Drawing upon its unrivalled practical implementation of best practice in areas such as information security and business continuity, URM has developed a number of courses with pre-prepared 'best practice' base content. This base content can then be modified to reflect the specific requirements of the organisation e.g. culture, risk appetite, policies, plans and working practices. This approach enables the organisation to quickly implement high quality, bespoke and cost effective awareness training.

5 Ways Alurna Can Benefit Your Organisation

  1. Cost Effective Training - excellent complement to face-to-face training e.g. annual refresher training
  2. Flexible - hosted by URM and accessed using a standard web browser accessible from any location
  3. Tailored - including branding, messaging and links to key policies
  4. Management Control and Reporting - each user is individually tracked allow course progression and test results to be assessed and analysed
  5. Compliant - meet the mandatory requirement of ISO 27001 and ISO 22301