What is Abriska?

Abriska is a Web-based tool (think software as a service) with a number of modules all focused on helping organisations implement a best practice approach to managing risk.

The first module URM developed addressed information security risk and was followed with others looking at business continuity, supplier risk and operational risk.

What technologies have we utilised in developing Abriska?

URM is a Microsoft partner and, as you would naturally expect, Abriska has been developed utilising standard Microsoft technologies (e.g. .net core, SQL server). Abriska is, also, hosted within Azure, Microsoft’s cloud computing environment.

When should an organisation adopt Abriska?

Now! Abriska has been adopted by a wide range of organisations in different industry sectors, most typically when looking to certify or comply with an International Standard (e.g. ISO 27001 and ISO 22301) and are looking for a purpose-designed risk management product which is guaranteed to meet the Standard’s requirements. URM has worked with organisations starting their risk management journey as well as those who have outgrown their manual risk assessment methodologies.

In the main, clients want to simply benefit from an established approach, developed by consultants who truly understand the subject, that allows them to devolve specific responsibilities whilst retaining an overall picture and control.

Features and Capabilities

  • Compliant with best practice, e.g. ISO 27001 and ISO 31000
  • Configured for ease of use
  • Full audit trail maintaining a history of every action performed
  • Customisable to your methodology and terminology
  • Comprehensive notifications
  • Distribution of responsibility
  • Complete management from planning and execution through to reporting

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