Abriska 31000 - Enterprise Risk Management Tool

Business Challenge

A tool: To ensure the ongoing stability of its operational activity, all organisations need to actively manage a wide variety of risks. Risk management is best supported by a holistic approach with the organisation being able to establish a common framework to capture and record risks at a department, division, or corporate level. ISO 31000, the International Standard for Risk Management, provides best practice guidance on establishing a framework for ensuring that risk management activity is conducted in a consistent and robust way.

  • Identify risks
  • Analyse and evaluate risk
  • Treat risks

How Abriska 31000 Delivers Effective Risk Management

Abriska 31000 has been designed to be flexible to meet the requirements of different organisations. Abriska can be configured to incorporate the range of criteria that is used to assess risks, including:

  • categories of risk that need to be identified,
  • likelihood and impact scales,
  • risk matrices,
  • algorithms for calculating risk and risk appetite.

Also, the organisation’s hierarchy can be identified which will allow risks to be raised against departments, divisions or business units; this allows the risks to be viewed top-down or bottom-up and appropriate risk treatment activity to be allocated to the prioritised risks. Abriska 31000 enables an organisation to create a risk management methodology which can be consistently applied to all areas within the organisation.

Read the Abriska 31000 product sheet for a full breakdown of the methodology and benefits of Abriska