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Abriska 19011 - Audit, Finding and Action Management Tool

How Abriska 19011 Delivers Effective Audit Management

Through its experience of conducting both internal and external audits in a variety of disciplines (e.g. information security, business continuity) URM has developed an audit, finding and action management module within
Abriska. Abriska 19011 enables an organisation to define a process and approach to conducting risk-based audit management and tracking all related findings and actions that result from the audit.
Abriska has been designed around the guidance within ISO 19011, the International Standard for Undertaking Audits against Management Systems. It can be applied to any management system such as quality (ISO 9001), information security (ISO 27001) or business continuity (ISO 22301).

Abriska 19011 delivers a customisable, audit and action management workflow based database repository. An organisation can define multiple audits and schedule these over time to manage the full audit lifecycle. As each audit is undertaken, individual findings can be raised against clauses from the management system standard under review (e.g. ISO 27001) or specific controls requirements which have been included within the risk assessment module of Abriska (e.g. the 114 ISO 27002:2013 controls).
Key aspects of Abriska 19011 include:

  • Audit multiple management systems within a single interface
  • Plan audits across multiple years, allocating responsibility to individual auditors
  • Track all findings associated with an audit, through a customisable workflow based system e.g. nonconformities may follow a defined work flow including root cause analysis, corrective actions and follow up audits
  • Integrates with the risk management modules within Abriska (Abriska 22301, 27001 and 31000)
  • Notifications and reporting ensure that audits and findings are completed within a timely manner and provide management with a view of all outstanding issues within the organisation.

Please ead the Abriska 19011 product sheet for a full breakdown of the methodology and benefits of Abriska