This week´s tip focuses on business continuity and, like some of our recent blogs, we want to step back from the coalface and look at the big picture.  So, what should be your business continuity mantra (i.e. words, phrase or slogan that will help us always remember what our overriding BC priorities are), what should be at the forefront of your mind in all business continuity thinking – whether you are planning, recovering, building resilience or responding?

At a recent company meeting, we were discussing this with our consultants and after much debate, we came up with 3 words: Welfare, Delivery, and Reputation.  There was little (in fact no) debate about what was the top priority – Welfare.  Welfare of your staff, wider team, clients, suppliers, and the general public is paramount.  Whilst this would seem to be stating the obvious, it cannot be taken for granted.  On a number of occasions where we have delivered exercises, participants often get so involved in dealing with a disruption or incident, they often overlook the human component.

The other 2 keywords in our business continuity mantra, delivery, and reputation, are inextricably linked.  As we move to a society where we expect everything at a drop of a hat and on a 24 x 7 basis, reputations can be won or lost on our ability to deliver key services and products irrespective of disruptive scenarios we may be encountering.  And the positive side of business continuity should not be overlooked; it really does present us with the opportunity to outshine our competitors and prove that “when the going gets tough, the tough get going!”

So wherever you are on your business continuity journey, and whether you are in planning or responding mode, never lose sight of the Welfare, Delivery and Reputation mantra!