URM is delighted to announce that its 5 day BCS Practitioner Certificate in Information Risk
Management Principles (PCIRM) training course has been the first information risk management
course in the UK to be accredited as part of CESG’s Certified Training (CCT) Scheme. URM’s PCIRM course is ideal for those individuals who are looking to gain a greater understanding of all aspects of information risk management, most notably in conducting risk assessments.

The course, which leans heavily on practical exercises, closely follows the leading international risk management standards ISO 27005 and ISO 31000. The CCT scheme forms part of the wider UK Cyber Security Strategy to raise the skill level of cyber security professionals in the UK (both in the public and private sectors) and complements the CESG Certified Professional (CCP) Scheme. Both the CCT and CCP share the Institute of Information Security Professionals (CIISec) Information Security Skills Framework as a common standard. CIISec’s Skills Framework describes the range of competencies expected of information security and information assurance professionals in the effective performance of their roles. With each accredited CCT course, there is a mapping against the competencies of the CIISec’s Skills Framework.

The independent Certification Body (CB) appointed by CESG to assess courses is APM Group. As well as assessing course content against the skills framework, APM Group is also responsible for assessing those trainers who will be delivering the course and also assessing the training management system surrounding the course.

In addition to the PCIRM, URM’s Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP) course has also been accredited as part of the CCT scheme.