With the assistance of URM, UK Mail has achieved certification to ISO 27001:2013, the International Standard for Information Security Management.  One of the largest national express delivery companies, UK Mail achieved ISO 27001 certification with a scope which encompassed all 52 of its depots and all its staff.

As Guy Buswell, CEO at UK Mail, commented “We are the only UK carrier to have achieved ISO 27001:2013 and so the certification acts as a significant market differentiator.  It shows how seriously we treat the information of all our customers, irrespective of the service we deliver to them”

UK Mail’s certification was particularly impressive given that it was achieved against a backdrop of exceptional and demanding business circumstances.  A careful balance needed to be achieved between the time needed to develop ISMS maturity versus the limited window available to capitalise on business opportunity ahead of the planned re-location of its central hub in 2015.  URM helped guide UK Mail in its implementation strategy to achieve the optimum balance.

For more information on how UK Mail achieved ISO 27001 certification, the key project success criteria and what benefits were derived, please see the case study.