URM is pleased to announce the release of a PCI DSS case study based around how it assisted Century Mail achieve Level 1 compliance against v3.1 of the Standard. It is worth noting that Century Mail operates in the Australasian region, with its headquarters in Hong Kong, main source of commerce based in Australia (Website, phone and mail order payment channels) and a call centre in the Philippines, which all added to the complexity of the project.

Phil Gebbett, Director at Century Mail, had this to say regarding the services delivered by URM:

“I was very impressed by the responsiveness, expertise and pragmatic approach of URM. There were a number of specific challenges attached to the project, most notably the tight deadlines and the involvement of third parties operating across a number of countries and with different languages and cultures.”

To read how URM applied a 5 step approach to compliance against PCI DSS, download the case study here.

If you have any requirements to understand PCI DSS in more detail, then please feel free to register for our next free PCI DSS seminar being held in Reading on 14 April 2016. For more information on URM’s consultancy or PCI QSA auditing services, please contact the office on 0118 9027 450 or email info@ultimariskmanagement.com.