URM is pleased to announce the release of a brand new ISO 27001 and Abriska case study with Court Enforcement Services.

In June 2014 Court Enforcement Services was formed by a group of experienced civil enforcement and debt collection professionals. Within 6 months, the organisation had achieved certification to ISO 27001, the International Standard for Information Security Management (as well as ISO 9001 , the Quality Management Standard). Key business drivers in gaining certification were to win new business and reassure clients of the organisation’s commitment to providing services in a secure, consistent and systematic manner.

Find out whether the above business drivers materialised into actual benefits and how Court Enforcement Services managed to achieve certification in such a short timescale. Also find out what role URM and its information risk management tool (Abriska) played in the process.

In addition to the significant time savings, I really liked the flexibility of Abriska

Russ Poulter – Director

Click here to read the Court Enforcement Services ISO 27001 and Abriska Case Study