URM is delighted to announce that with URM’s support, Telstra Global EMEA has become the first organisation in the UK to be recommended for accredited transition to ISO 27001:2013 by its certification body.

This reflects the hard work and dedication of the Telstra Global EMEA team, that quickly realised the benefits of transitioning to the new version of ISO 27001 including:

  • More relevant, up-to-date and appropriate controls
  • Greater focus on information security in supplier relationships and business continuity
  • Implementation of more targeted security metrics and measurements underpinned by executive level support.

Commenting on the successful transition, Jim Kirkby, Telstra Global EMEA Chief Operating Officer, said it was a significant milestone for the organisation.

Working as a team to secure certification demonstrates our commitment to implementing best practice information security and continually reviewing and enhancing our processes, to ensure they meet and exceed the constantly evolving needs and expectations of our customers.

With URM’s help, we quickly realised the benefits that transition would bring and committed time, effort and the appropriate resources to make the necessary changes and achieve this outstanding result.

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