ISO 27001 Webinar - How to Secure Data when Working Remotely

ISO 27001 Webinar, October, Online Webinar

Date 26 October
Time 11:00 am
Location Online Webinar, UK

How to use ISO 27001 to Secure Data When
Working Remotely

As a result of the Covid 19 Pandemic, there is a wider acceptance that remote working
provides a viable (and in many cases preferable) approach for a wide range of job roles 
- from both the employee and employer perspectives. In response to this realisation,
organisations are having to review how they ensure an effective information security
approach is maintained.

With society ‘opening up’, working remotely will potentially mean working from the local
café, gym etc. Organisations need to adopt a proactive approach to evaluating and
responding to these new ways of working and the changing threats they might present
and establish clear guidelines.

ISO 27001 promotes this proactive approach and properly implemented will ensure
organisations recognise the impact such changes to working practices will have and
ensure an appropriate response with enhanced policies, processes and practices.

This seminar provides an overview of the range of information security challenges that
organisations face in this new way of working and highlights how ISO 27001 can be
utilised to address this.

Topics to be addressed will include:

• Identifying remote working challenges
• Assessing new and evolving risks
• Utilising components of ISO 27001 to best effect
• Balancing technical and process/people-based controls 
• Monitoring and auditing remote worker activity