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What is Interim Management?

Interim management refers to the temporary provision of highly skilled and experienced management resource. Interim managers are typically provided at short notice and for limited periods to manage change or a period of transition, or temporarily fill a critical skills gap. Manage is the key word, as interim managers are not taken on to simply offer advice and make recommendations, but to take on full line management responsibilities and to implement key strategies and solutions.

Interim management can be the perfect ‘quick-fix’ solution in the following scenarios:

  • To provide cover for the absence of key and skilled internal resource
  • To provide cover between an incumbent’s departure and the recruitment of a suitable replacement
  • To manage a specific project which requires both experience and specialist skills
  • To address a turnaround or change requirement, e.g. enable a review/reshape of a team

What Interim Management Resource can URM Provide?

URM is able to provide interim managers and other short-term skilled resources in the areas of information security, data protection and business continuity. URM’s interim managers are used to address the scenarios listed above. In terms of specific projects, they can help you implement management systems, such as ISO 27001, ISO 22301 or ISO 27701, as well integrating management systems and delivering accredited certification to these and other standards. Equally, URM’s interim managers are adept at devising and implementing systems and working practices to ensure that organisations fully comply with a new regulation or law (e.g. the GDPR). Examples of some of the interim management roles and specific responsibilities URM can fulfil are detailed below here.

Why Use URM’s Interim Managers?


First and foremost, it is the breadth and depth of expertise gained across a wide range of disciplines and sectors that differentiate URM’s interim managers and resources. The combination of skills and experience enable them to deliver results quickly and effectively. Operating at all levels within an organisation (including at Board level), they are all ideally qualified and can bring a unique set of specialist expertise and knowledge to address a specific gap or requirement within your organisation. Furthermore, backed by URM’s team of subject matter experts, they can uniquely call upon other specialists if required.


Whatever your interim resource requirement, URM can offer flexible and tailored solutions, be it a full or part time requirement, tactical or strategic, management or operational. Able to work at all levels within your organisation, URM’s interim managers possess gravitas and credibility and have considerable experience leading functions, and departments.


URM prides itself on its responsiveness and is able to identify and place interim managers and other resources in your organisation within days, as opposed to weeks or months, which is essential for projects with tight deadlines. In addition, our consultants are adept at ‘hitting the ground running’, being well practised and skilled at assimilating and adapting to an organisation’s culture and working practices. As a result, they are able to add value within a short space of time.


An important asset of our consultants is that they remain outside of the organisation’s politics and, as such, are able to address issues from a position of neutrality. This can be particularly useful when difficult and unpopular decisions need to be taken. They also act as trusted advisors who ‘tell it as it is’ when necessary.


Not only can our consultants assess business needs, provide advice and formulate proposals, they are equipped with the ability and skills to implement their recommendations, deliver projects and be held accountable for the results.

Energy and Passion

Interim management is often focused on change, transition and business improvement. In this transformational environment, the passion of URM’s consultants for their subject brings real energy and positivity to the workplace.

Results Driven

Our consultants add value by using their skills and expertise to help deliver an outcome, solution, service or risk mitigation that provides you with a meaningful ‘return on investment’.

Examples of Interim Management Roles Which URM can Fulfil

In addition to the reasons outlined above, URM is often asked to fulfil a specific role. Here are a few examples of roles which URM’s resource is ideally placed to fill, along with specific responsibilities:

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Interim Information Security (IS) Managers

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Interim DPO/ DP Managers

  • Ensure your organisation fully complies with
    the GDPR and DPA 2018
  • Conduct data protection impact assessments (DPIAs)
  • Deal with data subject rights requests, including
    subject access requests and be the liaison point with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)
  • Develop appropriate policies, processes etc and conduct DP audits
  • Develop and deliver training and awareness to all staff
  • Mentor those with specific DP responsibilities.

Interim Business Continuity (BC) Managers

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