Free ISO 27001 Health Check

No Cost - Are you looking at implementing or certifying to ISO 27001? Or are you looking to improve your information security in line with best practice?

A free half-day health check may be just what you need to get things moving.

The free health check is intended to help you move forwards, perhaps highlighting new issues or independently backing up your own conclusions. The health check will be performed by an information security specialist from URM.

URM would be delighted to offer a 2-3 hour health check with no cost or obligation.

What’s involved?

This health check, conducted by a senior URM consultant will explore:

  • The level of information security you currently have in place
  • Your information security process against ISO 27001 best practice
  • The scope of your information security requirements
  • Your organisations key information assets
  • The effectiveness of risk management currently in place

What next?

Please contact the office on 0118 902 7450 or email