ISO 27001 Internal Audit
Frequently Asked Questions

What is an ISO 27001 internal audit?
How can your organisation meet the internal auditing
requirement of ISO 27001?
How can an organisation conduct internal audits on an ISMS
to comply with ISO 27001?
What are the ISO 27001 requirements for an internal audit?
What is the ISO 27001 internal audit process?
Does ISO 27001 require internal audits to be conducted?
With ISO 27001, what do you audit against?
Who can perform an internal audit for ISO 27001?
Does an internal audit need to be conducted
by someone internal to your organisation?
What are the pros and cons of using a third-party organisation?
How do you conduct an internal ISO 27001 audit??
How do you develop an internal audit checklist for ISO 27001?
Are standards on internal audit mandatory?
What standards do internal auditors use?
What are some of the traits or characteristics
of an effective auditor?
Who are the typical auditees in an ISO 27001 internal audit?
What are the different types of ISO 27001 audits?
How do you prepare for an ISO internal audit?
What are the pitfalls to avoid in conducting ISO 27001 audits?
What are the different levels of findings/nonconformities?
What is the difference between a minor
and major nonconformity?
How do you ensure consistency in internal auditing?

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