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Every organisation, irrespective of size or sector, may face events which will severely disrupt its operations and even threaten its survival.

These events can be anything from a failure of IT, a loss of key personnel, clients, suppliers or partners, the impact of a pandemic or cash flow/financial issues.

What is Business Continuity?

The term 'Business Continuity' is used to describe the capability and resilience of an organisation to continue operating through, and after, disruptive events.

URM has a team of very experienced business continuity and incident management consultants who can assist your organisation to improve its business continuity planning capability and resilience.

Our approach is heavily aligned with ISO 22301, the International Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) Standard. Certified itself to ISO 22301, URM and its continuity consultants will assist your organisation to improve your business continuity management and maintain a BCMS.

Our goal is to ensure that business continuity is appropriate to the amount and type of impact that is acceptable to your organisation following a disruption.

It is important to note that no two management systems will be the same, due to differences in organisational and industry requirements, products and services provided, processes employed, size and structure of the organisation, the requirements of interested parties and, in some cases, legal and regulatory obligations.

Your BCMS needs to be tailored to, and reflect, your organisation, how you work, the terminology you use and be part of business as usual.

URM’s business continuity specialists are cognisant of these requirements and are dedicated to assisting you to identify, achieve and maintain your desired levels of business continuity.

Business Continuity Consultancy Services - BIA and Risk Assessment

In line with the requirements of ISO 22301 and as part of URM’s business continuity management consulting services, we can assist you conduct a business impact analysis (BIA) and risk assessment, the foundation stone of any BCMS.

With the BIA, we will help you identify the priorities for recovering disrupted activities (business processes) in terms of timescale, level of activity and required resources.

Thus, in the event of a business disruption, you will be clear what to recover first, by when and to what level. You can also take advantage of URM’s automated business continuity BIA tool, Abriska® 22301.

With the risk assessment, our risk and continuity specialists will help you to identify events that could lead to business disruption and assess which of these are unacceptable.

Having done this, you can then determine whether further risk treatment is required.

You may decide to improve your business continuity capabilities or to reduce the likelihood of a risk occurring, e.g. moving to a higher location if your premises are located on a flood plain, or to migrate to a Cloud IT infrastructure in order to provide greater IT resilience.

Business Continuity Consultancy Services - Developing Strategies and Plans

Having conducted your BIA and risk assessment, your organisation needs to determine an appropriate business continuity strategy to be able to resume and recover prioritised business activities to a specified minimum acceptable level.

URM can assist you determine your recovery requirements, possible solutions to meet those requirements and an assessment of the viability and effectiveness of the different possible solutions.

Having determined your strategy, URM can assist you in developing and implementing your business continuity plan (BCP) or plans.

It goes without saying that every BCP will be specific to an organisation and URM will use its considerable experience to help tailor one to your specific needs.

In URM’s experience, critical success criteria in developing BCPs include:

  • Gaining senior management commitment and involvement
  • Keeping BCPs as concise and as easy to use as possible
  • Providing a list of tasks or aide-memoires to trigger decision making
  • Ensuring that responsibilities of those involved (and their deputies) are clearly communicated.

All of these considerations will enable the plan to be used in a range of disruptive scenarios.

Business Continuity Consultancy Services- Exercising BCPs

It is imperative that every organisation is able to respond in a prompt and efficient manner in the event of an incident. This can be best achieved by conducting regular exercises with key role holders and their deputies.

URM’s team of incident management specialists can help you devise challenging, original and appropriate scenarios which will:

  • Provide training and awareness on business continuity and incident management
  • Exercise the incident management response along with team roles and responsibilities
  • Exercise and validate the business continuity and incident management plans
  • Exercise the team-working capabilities of those designated.

Business Continuity Consultancy Services - Developing a Management Framework

The whole of the business continuity process needs encapsulating into a management system framework that ensures it is operating within a defined structure and remains up to date.

This is where ISO 22301 comes in, providing a continuous improvement framework that helps to ensure that business continuity is fully embedded in the organisation.

URM’s ISO consultants are hugely experienced at helping organisations implement ISO 22301 which, in addition to the above stages, also focuses on ensuring that there is senior management engagement and leadership.

URM’s ISO 22301 Consultancy Team can also help you develop and implement metrics to ensure your BCMS is kept relevant and up to date.

Through auditing, you are able to check that business processes are being conducted as they should be and through management reviews you will be able to review trends in; nonconformities and corrective actions, monitoring and measurement evaluation results, and auditing results.

URM’s Approach to Business Continuity Consultancy

URM’s business continuity consultancy approach is based very much on knowledge and skills transfer and helping you develop a BCMS which is tailored and appropriate to your organisation.

In order to achieve this, URM’s ISO consultants place considerable emphasis on the BIA and risk assessment, which will ensure you are prioritising your key activities to recover in the event of an incident or disruption.

Why You Can Trust URM

Quite simply, it’s our track record. Our steady organic growth as a consultancy and training organisation is based on our reputation for delivering high quality, tailored solutions utilising highly experienced, skilled and pragmatic business continuity and risk management practitioners.

For those looking to certify to ISO 22301, our ISO certification track record is second to none with over 250 successful certifications and no failures. We also guarantee you a successful result should you engage URM to help you achieve ISO 22301 certification.

What Clients Say About Us:

On implementing a BCMS - “We have chopped and changed things a lot along the way, and your flexibility has been invaluable in getting us to where we are, at last.”

On getting certified - “Chuffed with the result and certainly couldn’t have done it without your advice and help so thank you.”

On developing and delivering BC exercise - “Thanks again for a brilliant exercise, I think it’s safe to say everyone ‘enjoyed’ it.”

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