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    Implementing A Successful ISMS – URM Consulting

    Implementing A Successful ISMS The first and primary myth to dispel is that executing your decision to use an information security management system (ISMS) to manage the security of your information assets is a project. It is not. It is about establishing and formalising an effective approach to managing information security. Once established and implemented, […]

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    ISO 22301:2019 – 5 key changes from the 2012 version

    In November 2019, we saw the release of the updated version of the International Business Continuity Management System Standard, BS EN ISO 22301:2019. In this top tip, URM provides you with its analysis of 5 key differences from the 2012 version of the Standard. Should you require more information on implementing a BCMS in line […]

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    What tools will I need to manage an ISMS?

    This week’s top tip looks at a frequently asked question by organisations which are looking to comply or certify to ISO 27001, the International Information Security Standard – ‘what tools will I need to manage an information security management system (ISMS)’. A big concern for many organisations is that implementing an ISMS will lead to […]

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    3 key considerations when accepting card payments via the phone

    This week’s top tip looks at the key considerations when accepting card payment via phone. For many organisations accepting card payment via phone is just ‘business as usual’, for others it’s one of those things that is done as a back-up or an occasional ‘one off’.  An example of the latter is online only organisations […]

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    Tips from URM – Are you ready for the next power cut?

    Did you know that: ► More than 40% of businesses affected by the Manchester bombing of 1996 went out of business? ► Approximately 18,000 businesses ceased to exist following the attacks of September 11 2001 ► 92 businesses employing 9,500 staff were forced to leave their premises following the Buncefield explosion that took place on […]

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    Tips from URM – Password management – What is best practice?

    One of the long-held beliefs underpinning many a password policy is that forcing a regular password change is a good thing.  After all, by changing our passwords on a regular basis we might be able to stop an attacker taking advantage of a password they may have discovered. However, by forcing users to change their […]