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  • How to ensure data protection compliance as you return to the workplace

    How to Ensure Data Protection Compliance as you Return to the Workplace Following the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, the return to the workplace is presenting organisations across the globe with a number of challenges. In this blog, we will be addressing the challenge of maintaining compliance with applicable data protection legislation as new controls are proposed that […]

  • Phishing | Attacks during Covid-19 outbreak! | What you need to do, phishing, phishing attacks, covid-19, coronavirus cyber scrime, inforsec, infosecurity blog, phishing ultimate guide part 2, urm consulting phishing exercise blog

    Phishing – The Ultimate Guide – Part 2

    Phishing – The Ultimate Guide – Part 2 During these challenging times, we are seeing the very best of humanity in offers of support and help to the wider community and also the very worst – phishing attacks exploiting the Covid-19 outbreak are on the rise. In our previous blog we looked at phishing in […]

  • Phishing - The Ultimate Guide | How it Works and How to Prevent it, services, consultancy, information security, phishing, phishing exercise, scam, guide, ultimate guide, what is, blog, urm phishing exercise, technical controls, information security controls, iso 27001 certification, iso 27001, urm blog, infosec blog

    Phishing – The Ultimate Guide – Part 1

    Phishing – The Ultimate Guide We are hearing a lot about phishing and phishing attacks currently so, in this blog, we will take a step back to understand what phishing is, the types and the background. Let’s start with the basic question – what is phishing? Introduction Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to deceive an […]

  • E-Learning - The Perfect Time to Catch Up, e-learning, lms, online, management, system, A-lurna, urm training, training, online training training coronavirus, covid-19, social disancing

    E-Learning – The Perfect Time to Catch Up

    E-Learning – The Perfect Time to Catch Up Due to the unprecedented impact of Covid-19 on many different types of organisations, large numbers of people will be working from home, possibly for the first time ever. In the short term, there may be plenty to do as we all try and complete projects and conduct […]

  • ISO 27001 Certification – Dispelling the top 5 myths, iso 27001, iso standards, iso, 27001, iso data, iso certification, information security careeer, blog, urm consulting services, urm iso 27001 blog, urm training blog

    ISO 27001 Certification – Dispelling the top 5 myths

    There are many good reasons to implement an information security management system (ISMS) and get it certified to ISO 27001, the International Standard for Information Security Management.  The most common is that customers or clients, or in some cases stakeholders, want the assurance that an ISO 27001 certificate can provide. At first glance, an ISMS […]

  • Software asset management (SAM): What is it and why implement it now?, sam, saham, software and hardware asset management course, training, urm consulting, uk trainers, bcs sam course

    Software asset management (SAM): What is it and why implement it now?

    This week’s blog looks at software asset management (SAM). URM has been involved in delivering classroom-based training on SAM for 14 years and with a new syllabus being released by the BCS reflecting current challenges and disciplines, we thought it was the ideal time to provide our perspective on SAM. In particular, we want to […]

  • New Year, Old Threats | Another ransomware attack, ransomware, cyber attack, phishing attack, phishing email, information security awareness, infosec awareness, inosec, inosecurity, informationsecurity

    New Year, Old Threats – Another ransomware attack

    So, the new year had barely begun, when news of another ransomware attack broke ( This time, a US military base was compromised but there was a very familiar storyline with officials reporting that they believed the ransomware was sent in a malicious email link, clicked by an employee.  For those of you who are not familiar with this specific type of malicious software, […]

  • Classroom training: Still life in the old dog?, training, helping organisations, iso 27001, iso 22301, infosec, informationsecurity, urm, ultima risk management, pcidss

    Classroom training: Still life in the old dog?

    In 2002 when URM first started to develop and deliver information security, business continuity and risk management courses, the demise of classroom training was being strongly predicted in favour of computer-based, self-study training. Despite the doom-mongers’ predictions, 17 years later face-to-face training is still going strong. In some ways, you could argue the continuing demand for […]

  • Who is responsible of managing Infosec incidents?, infosec, information security, iso27001, isms, urm, urm consulting, consultnacy, ISO, international standards

    Who is responsible for managing Infosec incidents?

    Introduction Due to the increased use of information technologies and the ‘human’ involvement (both malicious, accidental and incompetent!), it is inevitable we are all going to face more and more information security incidents in the future.  The challenge for all of us is minimising the likelihood of an incident occurring and also preparing for the […]