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  • A 4 stage Approach To Determining A Business Continuity Strategy, business continuity strategy, iso 22301, iso 22301 strategy, ISO 22301 strategy, continuous improvement, continuous improvement diagram, business continuity continuous improvement strategy, business continuity continuous improvement strategy diagram , business continuity plan, business continuity planning

    A 4 stage Approach To Determining A Business Continuity Strategy

    Business Continuity Strategy Clause 8.3 of the ISO 22301:2019 (ISO 22301) Standard for Business Continuity states that: “Based on the outputs from the business impact analysis and risk assessment, the organization shall identify and select business continuity strategies that consider options for before, during and after disruption. The business continuity strategies shall be comprised of […]

  • ISO 22301:2019 released: 5 key changes from 2012 version , iso, iso standards, iso standards, iso 22301, business continuity, disaster recovery, 22301 2019 new release, iso 22301 2019

    ISO 22301:2019 released: 5 key changes from 2012 version

    Following the publication of various draft versions of the Standard, BS EN ISO 22301:2019 was released last week. In this week’s Blog, URM provides you with its analysis of 5 key differences from the 2012 version of this International Standard for Business Continuity Management Systems. • The 2019 edition is significantly less detailed and prescriptive than […]

  • What is business continuity? Why is it important? Guide to ISO 22301, services, consultancy, business continuity, iso 22301, plan, business, bcms, bcms, bc, iso 22301, what is business continuity management, business continuity plan sample

    What is business continuity – ISO 22301?

    Business Continuity – ISO 22301 In a number of recent blogs, we have looked to step back and revert to ‘first principles’ on a range of subjects before deep-diving into the detail. That’s what we’re going to do here with the topic of business continuity. What is meant by business continuity? ISO 22301, the International Standard […]

  • What to expect from the 2019 update of ISO 22301

    At the start of January this year, a draft updated version of the international business continuity management standard, namely ISO/DIS 22301 was issued.  Although international standards are updated on a regular basis, you could be forgiven for wondering why ISO 22301 and what changes are we likely to see?  ISO 22301 was the first standard […]