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    Exercising your department’s BC Plans

    Exercise plan for critical activities In our previous business continuity (BC) blog, we provided an overview of different types of exercises that will help you identify whether your current BC arrangements are effective in managing a disruptive incident.   That, along with instilling confidence and ‘training’ your teams, is one of the main objectives of running […]

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    Business Continuity – Types of Exercising

    Business Continuity – Types of Exercising Our previous blog about how to deliver a business continuity exercise prompted a number of questions about the types of business continuity exercise and when to use them.  So, this week’s blog does just that! Without exercising (we prefer this to testing which implies a pass or fail), an […]

  • How to deliver a business continuity exercise – the essentials

    How to Deliver a Business Continuity Exercise – The Essentials There is no arguing that exercising is an essential part of business continuity (BC) preparedness.  The challenge is how best to exercise our business continuity plans (BCPs) or incident management plans (IMPs).  This week’s blog is the first in a series of blogs around exercising […]

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    What is business continuity – ISO 22301?

    Business Continuity – ISO 22301 In a number of recent blogs, we have looked to step back and revert to ‘first principles’ on a range of subjects before deep-diving into the detail. That’s what we’re going to do here with the topic of business continuity. What is meant by business continuity? ISO 22301, the International Standard […]

  • What to expect from the 2019 update of ISO 22301

    At the start of January this year, a draft updated version of the international business continuity management standard, namely ISO/DIS 22301 was issued.  Although international standards are updated on a regular basis, you could be forgiven for wondering why ISO 22301 and what changes are we likely to see?  ISO 22301 was the first standard […]

  • 5 things we learned about ISO 22316, the new International Organisational Resilience Standard

    The eagerly-awaited first edition of ISO/IEC 22316:2017 (ISO 22316) was published at the end of March 2017. While the document is relatively short, it is packed full of thought-provoking ideas on one of the hottest topics: that of organisational resilience. The Standard offers an introductory definition which immediately establishes clear blue water from other standards […]

  • 5 business continuity lessons from the United Airlines incident

    If you had asked the CEO of United Airlines about his biggest threats to the value of the organisation a couple of weeks ago, would they have included the combination of self-inflicted events that occurred last week? It seems unlikely. The initial company response relied on re-stating policy, industry practice and explaining that the customer had […]