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    Business Continuity Plans within the PCI DSS

    A great many organisations have recently realised that their business continuity plans (BCPs) failed to consider a scenario in which a global pandemic necessitates total remote working.  As such, continuing to maintain business as usual with staff confined to their homes has been challenging.  Not least of the many challenges, this has created concerns PCI […]

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    Zoom – Is That The Sound Of Your Security Disappearing?

    Many organisations have had to adapt very quickly to the rapidly changing restrictions brought in across the globe to help combat the spread of COVID-19 and, in a lot of cases, this has meant that the majority, if not all staff, rapidly transitioned to working from home.  And because most business continuity plans didn’t consider […]

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    Top 7 Considerations When Planning a Remote Exercise

    As we know, many organisations have the majority, if not all, of their staff, working from home in as close to ‘business as usual’ mode as possible. Business as usual includes compliance, and ensuring and maintaining the planned approach. One aspect of this is business continuity (BC) and exercising.  URM has run a number of […]

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    9 Critical InfoSec Tips Every Organisation Should Know

    In the last few weeks, thanks to COVID-19 and the measures taken by leaders and governments across the world, thousands of organisations have been compelled, where possible, to ask staff to work from home/remotely.  In our previous blog entitled “10 Security Tips – How to work from home without compromising security” we looked at the […]

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    Pandemic – 5 Key Aspects for Planning the Unplannable

    Recently, URM delivered a webinar on pandemic planning. This blog will look at the key questions which arose during the webinar. Once we have considered and addressed any immediate staff welfare issues, our attention needs to turn to how we maximise the operational effectiveness of our business in these unprecedented times. Stepping back, the majority […]

  • 10 Security Tips | How to work from home without compromising security, remote working, work from home securely, information security, infosec, information security, urm blog, top tips, 10 top tips, work securely

    10 Security Tips – How to work from home without compromising security

    As ordinary users, during our normal working lives, we are likely to use computer systems within an office environment where we don’t have to think too much about security measures. There are people within our organisation that put in place security measures and we just need to follow the advice and guidance we are provided […]

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    Phishing – The Ultimate Guide – Part 2

    During these challenging times, we are seeing the very best of humanity in offers of support and help to the wider community and also the very worst – phishing attacks exploiting the Covid-19 outbreak are on the rise. In our previous blog we looked at phishing in general. This blog will focus on some of […]

  • Phishing - The Ultimate Guide | How it Works and How to Prevent it, services, consultancy, information security, phishing, phishing exercise, scam, guide, ultimate guide, what is, blog, urm phishing exercise, technical controls, information security controls, iso 27001 certification, iso 27001, urm blog, infosec blog

    Phishing – The Ultimate Guide – Part 1

    We are hearing a lot about phishing and phishing attacks currently so, in this blog, we will take a step back to understand what phishing is, the types and the background. Let’s start with the basic question – what is phishing? Introduction Phishing is a fraudulent attempt to deceive an end-user into providing confidential information. […]

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    E-Learning – The Perfect Time to Catch Up

    Due to the unprecedented impact of Covid-19 on many different types of organisations, large numbers of people will be working from home, possibly for the first time ever. In the short term, there may be plenty to do as we all try and complete projects and conduct meetings that were scheduled in our diaries. But […]