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When Windows 7 was released on 22 October 2009, Microsoft committed to support this operating system for 10 years.  The decade of support ends today and, as a result, Microsoft
will no longer issue software updates via Window Update.  

Naturally, Microsoft has been urging Windows 7 users to upgrade their operating systems
(OS) to Windows 10, but what are the consequences for users who decide to stick with the previous version of the OS?  The computer itself will continue to work as before but it will be increasingly susceptible to security risk and viruses as security and system upgrades will no longer be developed and issued by Microsoft.

In a corporate environment with hundreds, potentially even thousands of computers it is a daunting task to perform a complete migration.  It takes serious planning, downtime not to mention the financial aspects.  Perhaps, this is the reason why Microsoft offers an additional extended 1-year Windows 7 support to corporate clients who already have active Windows 10 subscriptions.  

Organisations which choose Enterprise Agreement (EA) / Enterprise Agreement Subscription (EAS) and have an active subscription to Windows 10 Enterprise E5, Microsoft 365 E5 or Microsoft 365 E5 Security will receive Windows 7 Extended Security Updates.  The extended security updates can be purchased in annual increments for 3 years maximum which gives organisations time to complete to Windows 7 migration no later than January 2023.

According to Microsoft there are 900 million computers running Windows 10 around the world which suggests that there are at least another 100 million computers still running Windows 7.  Whether you are looking after your home computer or in charge of a large network. you need to be aware that today marks the semi-retirement of Windows 7.

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