GDPR scrabble

Happy Fourth Birthday GDPR!

On 25 May (exactly 4 years after the GDPR came into force) URM Consulting delivered a 45 minute webinar: ‘The GDPR – Four Years On’ addressing the following topics:

  • A high-level review of the operation and milestones of the GDPR to date, including: Brexit; the Schrems II ruling;
  • An overview of the major (and increasing) fines imposed by regulatory authorities across the EU
  • The top 5 areas where organisations are failing to comply with the GDPR and what businesses can do to avoid them
  • Potential legislative reform to the UK’s data protection regime.

Some of the key messages to organisations unclear about their responsibilities under the original ‘EU GDPR’ and the post-Brexit ‘UK GDPR’ were: never underestimate the importance of providing an ongoing programme of data protection training for staff and make sure your organisation’s record of processing activities (ROPA) is complete, accurate and up to date.

Lisa Dargan, URM director said of the event: “The webinar provided a great summary of the original intentions of the GDPR and its impact over the last 4 years and what we can expect going forward. More importantly, it highlighted how to go about avoiding common pitfalls in processing personal data ”.

If you would like to access a recording of the webinar, please register your interest below