GDPR 4 Years On – Recorded Webinar

Four years ago, we were all fired up to enter a new era of data protection, with the world’s first truly global data protection law – the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation – about to come into force. The GDPR has since entered popular consciousness in a way very few laws have before it. But has the supposedly ground-breaking legislation lived up to its billing in the intervening years? And, with the UK Government launching a consultation on proposed reforms of data protection last year and a new Information Commissioner recently installed, what does the future hold for the ‘UK GDPR’?

In this webinar, URM review some of the key milestones of the GDPR’s journey so far and asking whether the early promise – and threat – of the Regulation has, or has not, materialised. We focus on the key areas of the UK GDPR which organisations struggle to comply with and what can be done to prevent potentially very costly breaches occurring. We conclude the webinar with our thoughts on how the data protection and enforcement landscape might change over coming months and years.

Drawing on URM’s extensive experience of assisting a wide range of organisations to develop and implement their UK GDPR compliance programmes, we share with you our perspective on the Regulation – its past, present and possible future – as it marks its fourth anniversary.


  • Review of last 4 years, key milestones (Brexit, the Data Protection Act 2018 and the ‘UK GDPR’, an adequacy decision for the UK; and Mr Schrems) and impact seen
  • Trends in enforcement – Is the ICO beginning to bare its teeth?
  • The ‘Top 5’ areas where organisations are failing to comply with the UK GDPR – and how to avoid these in your own organisation
  • Latest developments and emerging legislation – the way forward and what you need to be doing

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