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Listed below is a small cross section of testimonials received from our customers broken down according to consultancy, training and product. More are available on request and please also refer to our case studies which provide detailed feedback on a number of projects we have been involved in, including key stages, key success criteria and benefit derived.

  • Ultima Risk management (URM) was selected because of its practical and flexible approach, along with its extensive ISO 27001 track record and experience - Tony Smollett, UK Mail IT Group Director on working with URM in their pragmatic, next day environment. Without doubt, URM helped us to achieve our planned objectives a lot sooner than expected. The engagement was a huge success and couldn't have gone better.

    UK Mail

    It was clear that URM was very experienced in assisting organisations achieve ISO 27001 certification, but the critical factor in selecting URM was that they understood our business objectives.


    Without URM, we would have struggled in our interpretation of the standard and we would have almost certainly ended in a different place.

    Techgate Plc

    We have categorically won business on the back of achieving registration to ISO 27001 and there is an absolute direct correlation. Without doubt, ISO 27001 registration is a key differentiator and significantly adds to our status in the marketplace.

    Havas People

    Best course I have ever attended. Everything was perfect.

    Public course April 2015

    Overall the course exceeded my expectations - particularly around the more technical aspects.

    Public course Feb 2015

    Was everything I expected and more. Very relevant. Presenter very likeable and easy to engage with/listen to. Very informative and enjoyable at the same time.

    Closed course May 2015

    Excellent analogies and stories. Great pace. Very enjoyable, my attention was held the entire time. Perfect mix of theory and practical.

    Closed course Sept 2015


    Very good, wish I'd done it sooner. Trainer was excellent, knowledgeable and helpful.

    Public course Feb 2015

    It has been an excellent course in terms of content and presentation. A pleasure to do.

    Public course Feb 2015

    Exceptional. Would definitely recommend the course and URM.

    Public course June 2015

    Exceeded expectations. Enjoyed the style of presenting; delivery, humour - excellent presenter - I would recommend. Learnt huge amounts.

    Public course Sept 2015

    Perfect balance. So practical and applicable to my work. All of it!

    Public course November 2015


    Very comprehensive overall. Each session well delivered and then understanding checked. Found practical sessions very positive. Very well delivered.

    Public course Sept 2014

    Brilliant to have someone working in the field, not just a trainer. The course was great, really worth it.

    Public course Feb 2015

    Extremely informative and very useful for my business. It has provided me with a great deal to think about.

    Public course Feb 2015

    Trainer particularly knowledgeable and excellent teaching approach.

    Closed course Dec 2015

    Excellent. Good knowledge and theory and application.

    Closed course December 2015
  • By adopting Abriska, URM’s risk management tool, Court Enforcement Services was able to save substantial time, as well as simplify the risk assessment process. Russ Poulter comments “As Abriska comes preconfigured with linked asset types, threats and the latest ISO 27001:2013 controls, the time saving in the set up phase were considerable. In addition to the significant time savings, I really liked the flexibility of Abriska in being able to set and change our risk appetite, as well as being able to quickly demonstrate changes in control maturity. From a certification perspective, Abriska also produces all the necessary outputs that the certification body will expect to see, including risk score matrix, risk treatment plan, statement of applicability and risk register.

    Court Enforcement Services

    It was important that we had the right tool to carry out the risk assessment. In the past, I've used a range of tools and found Abriska to be an excellent tool and to work with Ultima Risk Management made the process very easy.

    Capital Support

    Utilising the expertise of Ultima Risk Management (URM) and its risk assessment tool Abriska, Techgate was able to quickly and easily generate the necessary ISO 27001 compliant information to quickly and easily generate the necessary ISO 27001 compliant information, e.g. Statement of Applicability, Risk Assessment, etc. This helped free up the Leadership Team to focus on deciding collectively how to treat the different identified risks in an appropriate and sensible manner.

    Techgate Plc

    The adoption of Abriska was invaluable as a central repository and a generator of ‘live’ management information and ISO 27001 compliant reports.