June 2020 - URM
  • Transferring Personal Data with the EU - Are SCCs the Answer?, data protection, personal data transfer, personal data, dp, uk data protection, urm blog, data protection blog, gdpr blog, gdpr

    Transferring Personal Data with the EU – Are SCCs the Answer?

    With the transition period following the UK’s exit from the EU set to end on 31 December 2020, those organisations that rely on personal data transfers from the EU to the UK are looking to ensure that the transfers remain lawful from 1 January 2021. While there are a couple of frontrunners amongst the options […]

  • Importance of Assessing COVID-19 Risks Before Reopening Your Workplace

    Need to engage employees in risk assessment process As the gradual easing of lockdown continues, more and more organisations are looking at how they can open workplaces back up. Below is the downloadable poster that the UK Government recommends all employers display to show that its guidance has been followed.  Top of the list – ‘we […]

  • Reputational Winners and Losers and Lessons to be Learned, services, consultancy, covid, covid-19, business continuity, reputation,

    COVID-19 – Reputational Winners and Losers and Lessons to be Learned

    In our ‘Plan for Business Continuity – Tips On How To Protect Your Reputation and Brand’ blog, we looked at the importance of an effective BC response from a reputational and brand perspective. Here, we take the opportunity to put the theory into practice and provide our thoughts on who have been the winners and […]

  • Business Continuity Plan - Learn How Protect your Reputation & Brand, services, consultancy, business continuity, plan, business continuity plan, bc, iso 22301, iso 22301 plan, business continuity plan blog, reputation management plan, urm consulting blog

    Plan for Business Continuity – Tips On How To Protect your Reputation and Brand

    A common theme that has been running through our previous business continuity (BC) related blogs, has been the mantra ‘Welfare, Delivery, Reputation’, which provides a great guiding principle for organisations of any size when dealing with or preparing for an unforeseen disruption, incident or crisis. It should go without saying that the welfare of employees, […]

  • How to ensure data protection compliance as you return to the workplace

    Following the coronavirus (COVID-19) lockdown, the return to the workplace is presenting organisations across the globe with a number of challenges. In this blog, we will be addressing the challenge of maintaining compliance with applicable data protection legislation as new controls are proposed that involve processing staff health data for new purposes. Compliance Wheel: Assess the […]