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    Infosec & Cybersecurity – Free Awareness and Downloadable Resources

    URM is the industry-leading supplier of cyber security, compliance and IT governance solutions for organisations of all sizes. Our experience and product range can help our customers deliver their projects on time, on budget and to the highest possible standard. URM is highly experienced in assisting organisations comply, or certify, with the ISO 27001 and ISO 22301 Standards (having assisted […]

  • What to look out for in a phishing email,services, consultancy, phishing, phishing attack, phishing awareness, infosec, informationsecurity, urm phishing awareness, infosec awareness article, urm article

    What to look out for in a phishing email

    We are hearing a lot about phishing and phishing attacks currently and being advised to be vigilant. But what is phishing? And, if you receive a phishing email, how will you know if it is one? What clues should you be looking out for? This URM video will outline what phishing is and what to […]

  • PCI DSS Compliant and Working from Home – Can you do both?, pcidss, working from home, covid-19, pandemic, coronavirus, payment cards, payment card industry, pci, urm consulting blog, urm consulting

    PCI DSS Compliant and Working from Home – Can you do both?

    In the past few months, organisations around the globe have had to rapidly adapt to a changing working environment due to the extensive Covid-19 social distancing restrictions. Unfortunately, the majority were not prepared for this level of change and quick solutions had to be found to allow staff to continue to perform their duties from their […]

  • Business Continuity Plans within the PCI DSS | URM Consulting, blog, pci dss, business continuity, business continuity plans, pci dss and business continuity, iso 22301, urm consulting, pandemic planning pcidss,,

    Business Continuity Plans within the PCI DSS

    A great many organisations have recently realised that their business continuity plans (BCPs) failed to consider a scenario in which a global pandemic necessitates total remote working.  As such, continuing to maintain business as usual with staff confined to their homes has been challenging.  Not least of the many challenges, this has created concerns PCI […]

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    URM Consulting – COVID-19 Update – Our Support Against Coronavirus

    These are challenging times, As a gesture of support and goodwill to all those battling to keep us safe URM will donate 25% of any: End-user training or Simulated Phishing Attack to go towards the fight against Coronavirus! This will be in the form of donations for much needed medical equipment and NHS staff respite. THIS […]